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Become a Vendor!

Showcase your creations without overhead!

Products offered in-store and online.

Keep your face out there!  Supply a bio to be displayed along with your products.

Let us receive, display and sell your items and all with the accountability of top rated POS software.

Participate in onsite pop up markets, festivals, meet & greets, and DIY engagements.

Have your items marketed by someone who is a true admirer of your craft.

Become part of a collaborative network of artisans and entrepreneurs.

 Consignment Agreement

Consignment Agreement attached and should be returned and signed by all parties prior to submitting merchandise. If you have any questions, concerns, or need to request amendments to the document, please contact the owner, Lezlie Elliott by phone or email.   I am glad to work with each vendor on a personalized plan.

Submit your Merchandise

The Merchandise Submittal should be sent when sending merchandise for sale.  The information on the form will help ensure items are properly received, documented, marketed, and paid.

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