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Soap Bag by O-Snypuls

A soap bag is another unique way to become more eco friendly, zero waste and plastic free. No soap goes to waste. Each bag is packed with of 7 oz. of soap ends and shavings.

Natural 100% biodegradable sisal soap bag is a flexible net material made from agave which is native to Mexico. One of the oldest fibers used. This material allow soap to lather quick and exfoliate your skin without any harmful chemicals or damage to your skin.

Bacteria and mildew resistance, 100% biodegradable material and makes a great zero waste addition to any household.

Once you have finished the bag come back from another bar of our soap to refill.

Net Wt. 7 oz

Packaged in a natural sisal bag
by Brittany O-Snipuls, O-Snipuls Bath and Body
Savannah, Georgia

Brittany is the owner of O-Snipuls Bath and Body. A handmade vegan owned and operated bath and body business based out of Savannah, GA. She started her business simply because she suffered from psoriasis growing up and nothing worked. She started researching and creating products about 10 years ago to help herself and others. That's when O-Snipuls was born. Now we create products for everyone and everything.

O-Snipuls promises that products will never be tested on animals, always be cruelty-free, eco-friendly, organic, high-quality body-safe ingredients, no unnecessary preservatives, no dyes, and no phthalates.

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