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Featured Artist

Missy Sequeira
Sentropia Designs
Birthplace: Waycross, Ga
Land life: Savannah, GA
Salt life: Marathon, Florida
Medium: Sewing

Hi, my name is Missy Sequeira. Iʼve been sewing for the last 11 years as a hobby. I
started making bags about 8 years ago out of repurposed fabrics (up cycling be
for up cycling was cool). I loved the creativity that came with putting odd fabrics
together, or using fabrics in different ways. For example, using suede skirts as the
leather bottoms of a tote bag or using curtain ruffles to make the cutest little
apron youʼve ever seen. It was very creative and the designs were endless. Sewing
is my happy place.

My husband and I retired in 2016, sold our house and bought a 44ft sailboat. After
downsizing our life and moving aboard our sailboat, sv Invictus, the sewing
machine made the cut and sailed south with us. We sailed down to the Florida
Keys and fell in love with Boot Key Harbor in Marathon, Florida which is where we
life currently. I was given some scrap sail material by a friend in the harbor who
asked if I could make a diaper bag from the sailcloth (his wife was pregnant with
their 1st child). And the sailcloth bags were born.

All of my bags are unique and there are no 2 bags that are exactly the same. All of
the sailcloth material that I use on my sails have seen their fair share of weather.
They have crossed oceans, they have weathered storms and they have brought
happiness to each sailor that owned them before me. The best I could do was find
a new life for them and hope that they will bring happiness to those that enjoy my


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